As I was saying, today I came across the first issue that I mention in the initial post, and its about “the simple bug that kept me awake…”. It is not really a bug, but an issue that not many people have bothered to solve. Yes, I am talking about writing a documentation, that matches the code. If no one can do such a simple thing, then what is the point of progressing forward in implementing an awesome feature in the kernel… Linux is open source, and for everyone to try out.. Not to get pissed off because of lack of documentation!!

Enough of my worries, the lesson learnt is.. search for proper keywords in google.. I tried at first with a mix and match of the words “block device driver for linux tutorial”, and got articles written in 2003. WTF google!?!

I revised my search string to “block device driver 2.6.32” to match my version, and luckily I got the link that has the updated version of the code. Thanks to Pat Patterson and his wonderful piece of code, I can hit the bed relieved of my stress since I figured out the changes made in the two versions of the drivers I was stuck in between.

I also found other useful links in my search.

The major changes made in linux-2.6.31 and NOT UPDATED IN THE DOCUMENTATION (at least the block layer part!)